VITROFLEX ADVANCED PLASTICS was founded over 40 years ago with private capital and specializes in the manufacturing of casting methacrylate. Since its beginnings, it has stood out because of a marked vocation for innovation and customer service.

The continuous adaptation to our clients’ needs has allowed us to receive their fidelity and, at the same time, to extend our presence in the wide range of sectors and countries.

Nowadays, we are moving forward and we are prepared to take up the new challenges that the 21st Century puts us through the improvement of the current products, the development of new materials and the search for new applications. Likewise, we will continue improving the production plants in order to grow together with our clients and respect the environment.


VITROFLEX® products have a top quality guarantee because, as the international quality regulations ISO9000 establish, they go through strict quality controls throughout the production process, not just at the end of it. Besides, our materials have international certificates in compliance with ISO7823/1 quality regulations that establish the minimum properties that casting methacrylate must have in order to fulfil the requirements to which it will be subjected during its life.

However, we understand that quality must also be present in the service and this is reflected in our recognized flexibility when fulfilling the market needs as regards measures, colours, properties and quantities, which oblige us to have efficient work tools in computer equipments, machines and for the staff in order to guarantee a rigorous control throughout the process, and a personalized and efficient treatment.


VITROFLEX ADVANCED PLASTICS, with its vocation for export, has followed a growth policy that pays special attention to the research of new technologies.

The accelerated evolution of society in the last years has obliged us to develop at the same speed in order to maintain competitiveness in the global markets, and this has been possible thanks to the modernization and excellence in quality.

Therefore, we have looked for the best experts with a deep knowledge of each field, suppliers, consultants, research centres and Universities, which, together with our R+D department and technical office, have allowed us to improve the process, the product and even develop new products that have been highly successful in the market.

But VITROFLEX ADVANCED PLASTICS understands that innovation is a global element, and enthusiasm is a necessary value to make progress and maintain competitiveness in this increasingly globalized market. All the departments of our company work to improve productivity and satisfy the client both at the administrative and technical levels.

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